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This training is aimed at all corporate clients who want to improve their language skills. We will offer training that covers and develops the language competencies of employees in your company to a varying extent and all areas of life. Our proposal can be defined as team building. Each individual participant must contribute to the productivity of the group work of the whole team.

Our lecturers have business qualifications, bachelor's and master's degrees from prestigious institutions. We focus on developing fee language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and the accuracy of speech (grammar, vocabulary enrichment and correct pronunciation) in the context of business. We focus on specific terminology, expressions and skills to achieve more influential communication. Small groups (6-10 students) ensure adequate personal attention for each learner, contributing to rapid progress. Our lecturers use up-to-date textbooks, materials and diverse group activities that engage you in a fascinating way choosing themes tailored to your business needs.

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