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SHKOLATA is an innovative foreign language center for children, students and adults, where, with much love and professionalism, it is taught in interactive methodology.


Our vocation is to share the love of learning and to pass it on to our students, immersing them in the inspirational learning process imperceptibly and with ease. We strive to create and develop an environment in which our students can learn with love, joy, freedom and inspiration!


It is an international, positive and at the same time highly responsible, motivated, experienced and professional. Our teachers are a source of knowledge and aim to provoke active participation of students in the training process. Teachers follow both the curriculum and the wishes and expectations of our students.


Language Center "SHKOLATA" in Burgas is created with a lot of love for our children and striving for the harmony between the good results and the pleasure in our activities, because with us learning is fun! We combine traditional methods with an innovative approach such as learning through experience and interactive teaching of the learning material, thanks to which the child feels creator in the process. We look at each child as a unique personality that we take care of in the best possible way.


SHKOLATA combines classical form of teaching with the latest online training technologies. Our goal is to pass on information, but also to help students become active constructors of their lives. The online training we offer goes beyond the distance. It enables people from all over the world to communicate and learn together.

With us training is more exciting and more effective!

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